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The Originators

Of all the greatest names in amplification, only one brand has a heritage that is second to none.


Our roots begin in the mid 1950’s with Skiffle. British skiffle grew out of the developing post-war British jazz scene. The sudden popularity of skiffle groups were the first steps on the road to rock and roll.


As the rock and roll revolution was in full swing, Tom Jennings decided to enter the game of amplification realizing the need for a guitar amplifier to grow his business.


Meanwhile, Dick Denny - an electronics wizard and visionary - was recovering from a serious illness. His idea for a compact guitar amplifier for use with his Hawaiian guitar was developed. 


By fate, Denny visited Jennings’s music shop to show him a 15-watt guitar amp he’d made.  Jennings hired Denny and the cornerstone of the British music industry was formed. Denny proposed a joint manufacturing venture to Jennings and in 1956 Jennings Musical Industries (JMI) was born (Dick went to work at Jennings in January of 1957).


This 15-watt amp would become JMI’s first guitar amplifier based on a Dick Denny design, the legendary AC15.  In 1959 JMI released the AC30 and the rest is history. This iconic amplifier has been embraced by the who’s who of the British Invasion and Rock n Roll.


Over the years there have been multiple changes of ownership.  Today we are excited and thrilled to announce the resurrection of the iconic Jennings Musical Industries (JMI).

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